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Driving members to the Day Centre

Jewish Care

We are looking for volunteers to drive members to and from Redbridge JCC. The role will be picking up maximum of 3 people in your own car and drive them to the day centre in the morning or pick them up from the day centre and take them home in the afternoon.

Main tasks and responsibilities 

  • Agree in advance with your coordinator what area and time/date slots you are available to do. 
  • Revise your route with your coordinator. 
  • Call the member to let them know you are on the way so they can be ready on time. 
  • Drive to the member's home, parking nearby and in a legal way. 
  • Have a short chat to check on the member's wellbeing if appropriate. 
  • Drop them off at the centre. 
  • Treat what you see and hear as confidential and sensitive. 
  • Report to your coordinator any concerns you have. 
  • Let your coordinator know in advance if you cannot make your shift. 
  • Let your coordinator know if you change your car as we will need to check the suitability for members (e.g. too high).
  • Follow Jewish Care's guidance on "Driving for Jewish Care".
  • Keep up to date on Jewish Care services. 
  • Represent the charity well to the wider public. 

Benefits to volunteer

  • You will be starting and ending the members day with a lovely conversation and show them people in the community want to help and care for them. 
  • We have limited staff and transport resources in the day centre so we rely on volunteers to help with this much needed service. 

What skills do I need?

Skills, attributes, qualifications and experience 

  • Full driving licence and access to a vehicle, with appropriate insurance. 
  • Able to develop a short conversation. 
  • Reliable and consistent. 
  • Able to confidently engage with a diverse range of people and enjoy helping others. 
  • Able to work independently but also stay within role's boundaries - recognising what should and shouldn't be done and when to seek advice or report concerns. 
  • Need to be 21+

When do I need to be available?

Morning Afternoon Evening

Time Commitment: Tuesdays. Morning shift- Members will need to be brought to the centre before 10am Afternoon shift – Members will need to be picked up from the centre by 3pm You will be on a rota with other volunteers and you will need to be reliable and consistent.

Where does this role take place?

Jewish Care Redbridge
5-27 Clarence Avenue

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Register your interest

We limit the number of roles you can initially express an interest in to 3 opportunities. Please only register an interest in 3 roles maximum.

  • Ideal for people interested in
  • Older People
  • Ideal for people who like
  • Driving
  • Application Process
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  • DBS Check
  • Online Application
  • Support provided
  • Volunteer will have named supervisor
  • Organisation Policies
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Safeguarding policy
  • Conflict Resolution policy/procedure for volunteers
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Volunteer Policy
  • Other Information
  • Are there any age limits?
  • DBS checks - additional information
  • Expenses - additional information
    Cover petrol costs.
  • Reference can be provided after how long volunteering?
    Prior to application.
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  • Volunteers covered by insurance

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