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Features editor - Redbridge Talking Newspaper

Redbridge Talking Newspaper

The Redbridge Talking Newspaper (for the Blind and Visually Impaired) format is 90 minutes made up of two parts. Part one is 45 minutes local news and part two is 45 minutes of magazine features and articles. We seek volunteers to prepare the part two magazine for each weekly edition. The role is an essential part of our weekly production. The reading teams attend on a Thursday evening, on a rota basis. There are six reading teams, each needing a News Editor.

Preparing the magazine and continuity script requires scissors, scrap paper, glue and a table surface. This work takes place at the volunteer's home. When ready the articles and continuity script need to be taken/posted to our studio.

Main tasks and responsibilities

The part two magazine is compiled by a Features Editor.  This requires:

  • Cutting out articles from a variety of magazines and any printed source (reimbursable), and preparing them with a continuity script ready for reading.
  • Delivering/posting this to our studio (in Ilford) ready for the Thursday evening recording session. 
  • There are six reading teams attending on a rota basis and each needs a Features Editor

Benefits to the volunteer

  • Preparing the magazine gives satisfaction in knowing that the reading team can operate smoothly at the recording session and get the edition recorded. 
  • Production of our editions is a satisfying exercise as it makes sure that our Listeners are able to stay in touch and as a result do not feel lonely or isolated.
  • Often the Features Editor can also be a reader on a Reading team but this is not essential.
  • References not available.

What skills do I need?

Skills, attributes, experience and qualifications

  • Preparing the news requires scissors, scrap paper, glue and a table surface.
  • Own a mobile or landline phone.
  • Have access to Internet.
  • No previous experience is necessary.
  • Need to be 18+ years.

When do I need to be available?

Morning Afternoon Evening

Time taken is between 8-16 hours for one weekly edition. The work can take place over a period of days or weeks. If aligned to one reading team, they are scheduled every six weeks. This work usually takes place at the volunteer's home but could be at the studio, by arrangement.

Register your interest

We limit the number of roles you can initially express an interest in to 3 opportunities. Please only register an interest in 3 roles maximum.

  • Ideal for people interested in
  • Disabilities
  • Ideal for people who like
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Application Process
  • Apply by phone
  • Email expression of interest
  • Informal Discussion
  • Support provided
  • Induction provided
  • Training provided
  • Other Information
  • Accessibility - additional information
  • Are there any age limits?
  • DBS checks - additional information
  • Expenses - additional information
    Travel and subsistence
  • Recruitment Process - additional information
    Following a telephone discussion, applicants will be invited to our studio for an informal interview where we will explain our organisation, how we operate and the role. We will also address the expectations and inform the applicant. No DBS check required. No references necessary.
  • Support Provided - additional information
    Named supervisor
  • Transport Info (nearest station / bus stop)
    The studio is on the corner of The Drive and Eastern Avenue and is a short walk from Redbridge Station. There is a small car park.
  • Volunteers covered by insurance

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