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Food bank warehouse team leader (Corporate volunteering liaison (approximately 10 days a month))

Hope Family Trust

At Barking Foodbank you'll play a key role in ensuring the warehouse runs smoothly and waste is kept to a minimum. As well as your strong organisational skills you’ll be a great people person, confidently leading a team of volunteers to manage stock levels and complete regular stock audits. You’ll be self-motivated and support the food bank operations manager, playing a key role in liaising with a diverse range of contacts who can support you in your aims.

You'll lead our corporate and regular volunteers in recording the stock donated and sorting into various categories, in date order. You will be responsible for maintaining good stock rotation.

As a food bank warehouse team leader you will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth running of the food bank warehouse, supporting volunteers, coordinating activities and being the main point of contact for handling queries for the duration of the session.

In this role you can make a real difference to both the people you serve and the volunteers you lead, ensuring a positive experience for all.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Supervise and motivate a team of volunteers. 
  • Support the recruitment and induction of new volunteers as required. 
  • Oversee and delegate tasks to ensure the smooth running of the food bank warehouse. 
  • Uphold safeguarding, health and safety and hygiene policies, reporting any concerns to your main contact. 
  • Ensure food bank policies and procedures are followed. 
  • Create a welcoming, caring and friendly atmosphere for volunteers and people coming to the centre. 
  • Lead a volunteer debrief at the end of each session. 
  • Attend team leader meetings as required. 
  • Regularly report to your main contact/food bank project manager.

Benefits to volunteer

  • Using your existing skills to make a difference. 
  • Meet new people who share your passion to eradicate poverty in the community. 
  • Make a real difference to the running of your food bank.

What skills do I need?

Skills, attributes, qualifications and experience

  • Strong team player. 
  • Excellent communication skills. 
  • Empathetic. 
  • Organised and self-motivated. 
  • Strong leadership skills.

You will lead Corporate volunteers approximately 6 times a month and regular volunteers on alternate Saturdays. You will need to be flexible to accommodate the availability of volunteers.

When do I need to be available?

Morning Afternoon Evening

You will lead Corporate volunteers approximately 6 times a month and regular volunteers on alternate Saturdays.

Where does this role take place?

Hope Family Trust
The Beaver Centre
Unit 1 Selinas lane

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